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     The main secret to 3D stereo is anyone can do it. You can use any camera and any film. Create 3D by taking your camera and shooting from the "left eye" and then shooting from the "right eye". 

You can develop your film and then view it dozens of ways. If you shoot transparencies, then you can modify a viewmaster 3D viewer to have "a great stereo image".  If you are on a tight budget, purchase a second hand viewmaster viewer for $2 or lightweight hand viewers for $8. Or you can spend up to $800 for a top quality hand viewer or $3500 for a nice stereo projector system. You will need silver screen and polarized glasses for projection. 

If you shoot print film, you can get an old stereopticon for $100 or scan into computer. Reverse the images to "crossview". This allows you to see 3D without a special viewer or glasses. You can also convert to anaglyphic with easy to use software and view with "green/red glasses". 

Digital images can use stereophotomaker or stereomoviewmaker which are both free and fabulous software programs. WOW! Just google!

Practice with the images above by slightly crossing your eyes and looking for an image in the middle. Click to enlarge crossview stereo 'The Spirits Spoke to Her'.

The stereo images above is an ordinary person having an extraordinary experience July 4, 2000 in Antelope Canyon; by Melody Steele with a Realist Stereo camera and Elite Chrome 100 ASA, natural light.

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Order Melody's original 3D Posters and 3D images: Taking the time to do 3D is going into the forth dimension. Believe me, your socks will be blown off if you step foot into the real 3D conventions and 3D folks.


    "The world has many dimensions and we can frame it as memories." (Melody Steele - February 4, 1999)


Deep Images shares Secrets to 3D photography....coming soon to a screen near you!


There are 3D photographers, 3D stereo card collectors, and photographic equipment collectors that have been meeting, giving classes, and giving stereo slide presentations and workshops in Portland at the 3D Center of Art and Photography


DeepImages Owner, Melody Anna Steele is members of Columbia Council of Camer a Clubs (4 C's), National Stereoscopic Association (NSA), 3D Center of Art and Photography (Museum in Portland-closed bummer), Photographic Society of America (PSA), and International Stereoscopic Union (ISU). and the author of this web page: Melody Steele has been a 3D photographer since 13 years old. 

"Our deep rooted values are a bridle or a crown full of jewels which reflect a colorful light to guide us." (Melody Notes - February 4, 1999)

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