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Melody Steele 2000, 2001

I flew to Arizona to attend the 2000 National Stereoscopic Association Convention in Phoenix Arizona. After searching very hard, I found some wonderful slot canyons in northern Arizona. These images were taken by me with a Realist Camera, no light meter, no watch, Elite Chrome 100 and Kodachrome 64. It was the most amazing natural helio-fireworks July 4th show I have ever seen. For only a few minutes the sunlight would come through the top of these slot canyons and provided us ordinary people with an extraordinary experience. 

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antelope070400_3C100lt.jpgHeavens Gate

antelope070400_11a100lt.jpg (9535 bytes)Seeing 

antelope070400_19a100rt.jpg (9368 bytes)Weaving

antelope070400_2a100lt.jpg (9731 bytes)Spirit Eye

antelope070400_4a100rt.jpg (11576 bytes)Their in

antelope070400_5B100lt.jpg (11071 bytes)The Spirits Spoke to Her 

antelope070400_6B100lt.jpg (7324 bytes)The Spirits Spoke to Us

antelope070400_10B100lt.jpg (9513 bytes) Lightfall in Climax

antelope070400_7C100lt.jpg (9115 bytes)Heavens Back Gate


Photographs to Digital Art and Animation by Melody Steele, 2D to 3D conversions by Bernardo Galmarini

elephantdreams_single.jpg (27203 bytes) Elephant Dreams (stereo animation)

melmtn250cRIGHT.jpg (941460 bytes) Melody Mountain (Enchantments, Washington - digital overlay)

deepimages_1600_best_single_med.jpg (19658 bytes) Deep Images  (triple exposure)

Melody 1600 Horsepacking_med.jpg (23507 bytes) Melody Horsepacking (Sawtooth Mts, Idaho  Mount - animation)

photo, 2D to 3D conversion, and animation by Melody Steele



These images can be ordered as original signed and additional photographic prints by Melody Steele - 8x10 (most images) or 8x14 (Heavens Gate and Heavens Back Gate). Screen Savers and other formats are available. Thank you for visiting.

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